Koda was my tri-colored paint quarter horse. She was the #1 item on my bucket list. She was a very brave horse, usually the first to lead the way into a stream or to pick her way through difficult terrain. She was a great partner and we had wonderful trail riding experiences together. I lost Koda in 2016.

Starting my own company, has been another long-term item on my bucket list. I have often discussed the idea over the years with friends and former colleagues as we dreamed of the day we would work together again.

When the time arrived to create a name for my company, I thought of Koda because she was such a trusted partner – a characteristic I want my company to have – and because she was my first bucket list accomplishment. As a result of a brainstorming session with my sister (and trail-riding partner) we came up with KodaC (short for Koda Crumley) as the name for the firm.