We work with clients across the U.S. to develop real estate strategy integrated into business and supply chain strategies in order to drive business success; plan and implement real estate solutions; and manage their real estate processes and portfolios. We tailor the services delivered to our clients’ individual businesses and needs.


Corporate Real Estate (CRE)
  • COVID-19 Return to Office – Advise clients on strategies for ensuring full preparedness for safe “Return to the Office”.  Recommend changes to workplace, wayfinding solutions to minimize exposure and clean workspace practices.  Conduct discussions with landlords to ensure each building is properly prepared to handle client’s employees returning to the office.
  • Perform organizational assessment and make recommendations regarding organizational design, what should be in-sourced versus outsourced; outsourcing strategies.
  • Recommend and develop CRE service delivery processes including key performance metrics and partnership management.
  • Advise clients and train staff on effective internal client relationship management.
Portfolio Strategy
  • Review real estate portfolio to identify strengths and weaknesses relative to core business strategies.
  • Develop asset strategies for individual assets, groups of assets and entire portfolios.
  • Develop RE strategy integrated into client’s Supply Chain Strategy.
Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Evaluate the condition and risks associated with real estate assets to be acquired.
  • Evaluate integration opportunities for supply chain and real estate portfolio.
Landlord/Owner Services
  • Advise Landlord on positioning property to attract supply chain oriented customers.
  • Reverse logistics analyses to determine profile of most likely user/buyer.


Site Selection

Assist clients with the following activities to determine the best location to meet the needs of the business:

• Network modeling

• Demographic profiling and workforce analysis

• Location identification & evaluation

• Incentives

• Brokerage and contract negotiation

• Due diligence

• Transportation Analytics







CRE Outsourcing & Service Provider Selection
  • Facilitate outsourcing service provider and team member selection process on behalf of clients.
  • Support on-boarding and transition process for new team members and service providers.
CRE Project Management
  • As owner’s representative, provide project management services for the entire real estate project value chain from project initiation, approval, transaction, implementation, move-in and closeout for individual projects or entire portfolios.
CRE Operations
  • Serve as CRE function for clients who do not have such a function in-house.
  • Provide resources to augment in-house CRE team.
Sustainable Solutions

Assist clients to integrate sustainable solutions into their operations, including:

  • Waste/Recycle
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Solar
  • Wind